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My First Build

Embarking on a first custom home build is an incredibly exciting experience for clients. It represents the opportunity to bring their ideal living space to life, tailored precisely to their preferences and lifestyle. From conceptualizing the floor plan to selecting materials and seeing the foundation laid, every step is filled with anticipation and personal investment. The journey involves making important decisions alongside trusted professionals, ensuring the home reflects their vision while adhering to practical considerations. Ultimately, the thrill of witnessing their dream home materialize, from blueprint to reality, is a deeply gratifying and memorable experience.

Things to Think about:


When you are considering your budget, not only will you want to consider the cost of land and construction, you'll also want to think about unexpected expenses and additional upgrades. Think about the non-negotiable items in your home, and those you could cut back on. 



Location and land selection is one of the first and most important things that go into building a home. Having your land secured is important because when designing your home, we take into consideration the topography and layout of the location, to truly maximize the space.



When considering your optimal design, think about what aspects are most important to you. You might want a large gathering space for family, or a designated office space. 


Builder Selection

Picking the right builder is not always easy. Consider their reputation, their experience, and their previous work. Ask them about how they are going to assure you have a good experience building. Meet with them in person. Many builders make assumptions that you know the process of building a home better than you do. Ensure your builder knows this is your first building experience, so they can fill in any gaps. 

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