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  • In what areas do you build?
    The majority of our work lies in Utah County. We also serve the surrounding areas, including Salt Lake County and Sanpete County. If your house is outside of those bounds, allow us to consider your specific situation.
  • How do we decide on how much space we can afford?
    We would recommend worrying less about the space, and more about your overall budget. Decide on what would be ideal for your situation, your budget constraints, and then consult with one of our custom home specialists on how we can make your situation work.
  • Can you knock down and old house and build on top of where it was?
    Absolutely we can. A good example of this is our "Provo House", where we took down an older home and built new. Haven Homes has had much experience in this area and is happy to walk you through the process. There may be a few hurdles that need to be overcome, especially through the city, that Haven Homes excels in taking on.
  • What is your price per square foot?
    There are hundreds of variables that go into a finished square foot price of a new home. Because of this, we don't have a set square foot price that we charge, instead we work with you throughout the process to maximize what you get out of your budget.
  • How long does the design process take?
    Generally a design process can be completed within a few weeks, depending on the intensity of the project. Larger homes take a longer time, as well as homes with specialized features. If you've chosen stock plans and would like to tweak them, this can take just a few days. Let us know your specific needs and we can give you a more accurate timeline.
  • How long does it take to build a home?
    There are many factors at play in regards to how long it takes to build a home. You might consider the size of the home, location, weather constraints, and special requests. The fastest homes we build take 4-6 months, but on average the building process goes from 6-12 months. Ask one of our specialists about your specific home, and we'll make these considerations for you.
  • Do you have land available?
    Most often our customers will find their own land. While this is most often the case, we do occasionally offer land options for our customers. This comes and goes, so please ask one of our representatives.
  • Do you have floor plans?
    We have many floor plans we have used in the past that you are welcome to take a look at and potentially use. The majority of the time customers have their own specific wants and needs, and design their house based on those needs. One of our partners would be happy to help you along in this process.
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