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Design and Build

Our design & build model allows clients to have an overall incredible build experience as it takes much of the guess work out of building a custom home. Learn below how this process works and the things you'll need to do in preparation. 


Design & Build Process

The design and build process brings all of the work that goes into building a home under one roof. 

There are a few important first steps before beginning the design & build process. You'll want to secure your land, establish your budget, and think about the most important things to you about your build. Your budget is important to us, and if your project doesn't work within your budget, we won't take it on. You'll want a general idea of the most important items you want in your home. Check out our "5 Things You Must Know Before Designing Your New Home", which will help you think through those items. 

Once you've gone through the items above, it's a good idea to talk to one of our specialists. You can do that Here. We'll walk through your project together and work through any major hiccups. From there we schedule to meet in person with the builder, your project manager, and our in-house designer. Check our our Process Page. 


The design process usually takes a couple of weeks. After the design process we meet again, review the newly developed plans, and we're able to give our fixed price for your build. 

Instead of the designing and building taking place by two different organizations, we're able to simplify the process and bring it all under the Haven Homes umbrella.

Design & Build Benefits​

  1. Faster processing - Having a design & build team allows us to complete projects faster and more efficiently, as we don't outsource our work to other parties

  2. Better Quality - Communication between parties is greatly increased when they're all on the same team. Less mistakes in communication create less mistakes overall, increasing quality.

  3. Cost Savings - Outsourcing design processes can be costly. 

  4. Better client experience - Take out the extra steps of hiring your own designer and then working through them to your builder. Complete all through the same company. 

  5. Less owner risk - Haven Homes as the design builder releases project risk from the owner by assuming all roles in project completion.








Bring Your Own Plan

Sometimes using a designer is not part of the plan. We do offer a "Bring Your Own Plan" option, where you've already either used a designer, or bought a stock plan. This option totally works, and Haven Homes will simply step over the design step and work through the build and completion stages of the project. 

Of course we've still got our designer who is able to make any small tweaks to your project if needed. 

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