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Do you have questions about where to begin with your project? Here we outline our process of how your custom home comes to reality.

Reach Out

Whether you come in contact with us through our website, email, signage or referral, we begin our journey with a phone call or email correspondence with one of our custom home specialists. Here we talk about your project and how you hope to bring it to fruition. Come ready to talk about your plans, where you want to build, budget constraints, and any questions or concerns you have about the building process.

Haven't designed your home yet? Head over to our Design & Build page and we'll walk you through the process.


Concept Meeting

Here is where we meet in person, usually at our office, to solidify some of your ideas. We'll talk about details of your plans, design preferences, and a rough estimate of what it would cost (this will fall within 10% of what it will actually cost). We also provide a short presentation about Haven Homes and the value you'll be gaining through our company.


Preliminary Building Agreement

The Preliminary Building Agreement meeting usually happens around 2 weeks after the Concept Meeting. The most important part of this meeting is establishing our fixed price for the build. We also provide valuable services, like the Manual J&D and soils test. If there are important pre-construction items that need to be worked through, those will be in-process by this point. Any further questions are answered in this meeting and we sign the preliminary building agreement. (describe what this is)



In our final meeting we work through any final concerns and sign the building contract. At this point all designs and desires have been established, plans and fixed costs have already been agreed upon and a relationship between the builder and client is well established. 

House with a Pool

Schedule a Call

Our custom home specialists are ready and happy to accept your call. Schedule a call, or reach out to us through our Contact page.

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