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Improving the Home-Building Experience One Client at a Time

Home building companies have often garnered negative reviews due to practices such as cutting corners to maximize profits, leading to compromised quality and customer dissatisfaction. Haven Homes, however, is committed to altering this narrative by prioritizing integrity and quality craftsmanship in every aspect of their building process. Through meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to exceeding industry standards, Haven Homes aims to set a new benchmark for excellence in home construction and customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Established in the spring of 2001, Haven Homes has successfully completed over 75 diverse projects, ranging from basements and starter homes to meticulously crafted, million-dollar-plus custom residences. Additionally, our portfolio includes numerous commercial tenant improvements and the construction of a 13,000+ square foot commercial building. Specializing in a broad spectrum of custom home styles—from traditional to farm style to modern—Haven Homes is renowned for delivering personal service, clear communication, exceptional quality, and a transparent pricing structure.

Rob Lund, the founder and president of Haven Homes, brings over 23 years of expertise in constructing homes and commercial projects. His journey began with hands-on roles as a painter and construction laborer during high school and university summers while pursuing a Business Management degree from BYU. Starting his career as an assistant superintendent post-college, Rob quickly advanced to superintendent and eventually director of construction.

Frustrated by prevalent industry practices prioritizing cost-cutting over quality and lacking effective communication channels between sales, purchasing, and construction, Rob was inspired to establish Haven Homes. His vision was to empower homeowners with greater input in customizing their homes and to uphold uncompromising standards of craftsmanship. Thus, Haven Homes was founded to redefine custom home building with integrity, client-centered values, and excellence in every detail.

Picture of Rob

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every client create a Haven for themselves and others, while experiencing trust, confidence and excitement in the process.

Our Values

The driving force behind what we do.


We choose the right, even when no-one else is looking


We have confidence in our abilities, but don't overstep our bounds


We are always honest

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We trust in others, and hold them and ourselves accountable


We work hard and get things done


We handle hard things professionally

Start Your Journey

It all begins by reaching out. Schedule a call with one of our custom home specialists.

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