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What's My Next Step In the Building Process?

You might be thinking, where do I start? What do I need to do next in my pursuit of building a new home? Navigating the process of building a home can indeed be overwhelming for someone who is unsure where to begin. The multitude of decisions—from choosing a location and securing financing to selecting a builder and finalizing design plans—can seem daunting without guidance. Each step in the process requires careful consideration and involves various stakeholders, such as architects, builders, lenders, and local authorities. Understanding the sequence of steps and knowing how each decision impacts the next is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome. Seeking advice from experienced professionals and conducting thorough research can provide clarity and confidence in navigating the complexities of building a home, ultimately transforming initial uncertainty into a well-executed project tailored to your vision and needs.

For someone unfamiliar, the home building process can be daunting due to its complexity and the many decisions that need to be made. See the steps below to see where you fall.

Tip #1 - Goals and Budget

Establish a realistic budget, a high end and low end of where you want to end up after completing your build. Consider potential land costs, construction costs and permitting costs. Reach out to us if you have no idea how to calculate these costs.

Determine your needs, preferences, and lifestyle requirements for your new home.

Tip #2 - Financing

Secure pre-approval for your construction loan in your budget range. This answers the question, is our budget a realistic possibility with current interest rates?

Skip this step if you're financing with cash.

"It's important to be very honest and clear about your budget with your builder because hiding anything from them can be detrimental. A builder can't keep you on a budget if they aren't entirely sure what your true budget is." – Caroline Design (

Tip #3 - Location

Finding the right place to build is an essential first step in the building process. Often your builder can help in this process if needed.

  • Decide where you want to build

  • Search for available land (Consider size, location, topography, views, neighborhood)

  • Secure land

Tip #4 - Design

There are two routes that are most commonly taken. You can design through your builder or private architect/designer, or you can purchase a pre-designed stock plan.

  • Builder/designer option

    • Completely custom to the land and your needs/desires

    • You get to pick where everything goes, from the laundry to the bedrooms to the offices and doors.

    • 2-3 week processing

  • Pre-designed Stock Option

    • Pick your favorite option which still meets your needs

    • Saves on designer fees

    • Still customizable, just not completely from scratch custom

    • Generally faster than 2 week processing

In the design phase you'll want to start looking at all of the things you want to incorporate in your home. Think about finishes, lighting, structure, functionality, and even some of the smaller items, like where you want to put your bidets.

Tip #5 - Meet with Your Builder

Often times your builder will be (and probably should be) heavily involved in the design process, so you may want to meet with them earlier than when you're in the design process. Have them provide an estimate and work towards signing a contract. Your builder will take the lead on all of the items you will need to complete from this point on.

This is Very Exciting.

Going through the preliminary steps of building a home is incredibly rewarding as it marks the beginning of turning your dreams into reality. Starting with defining your vision and needs, setting a budget, and selecting a suitable location, each decision brings you closer to creating a space uniquely tailored to your lifestyle. Collaborating with architects and designers during the conceptual phase allows you to see your ideas take shape through sketches and digital renderings, envisioning the layout and flow of your future home. These preliminary steps not only build anticipation but also lay a solid foundation for a journey that culminates in the fulfillment of owning a home that reflects your personal style and meets your family's needs for years to come.

Need extra guidance? Reach out to one of our Custom Home Specialists Here.


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