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The Ultimate Building Process List

Wonder what the builder is doing in the background?

Have you ever wondered all of the steps that go into building a home? We've created the Ultimate Building Process List so you can see all the work that needs to go on in the background of building a home, and the things that you might need to complete.

We hope this will be helpful for you in your custom home building journey.

Tip #1 - Pre - Build

It's important to get this right.

  1. Set goals and Vision of New Home

  2. Set Budget

  3. Pre-Qualify for budget

  4. Search for Land and Secure Land (can secure land later)

  5. Begin Design Stage

    1. Pick a stock Plan and edit

    2. Design build process with builder (using builders designer)

    3. Hire a personal designer/architect

    4. Design home

  6. Meet with builder (if you haven't already)

  7. Establish pricing

  8. Secure Financing

  9. Secure Insurance

  10. Sign Contract and Send deposit

  11. Permitting

    1. Site Plan

    2. Engineered Plans

    3. Soils test

    4. SWPPP

    5. Manual J&D

    6. Gas line Schematic

    7. Subcontractor list

    8. Submit Estimate

    9. Permit Revisions/approval

Tip #2 - Build Stage

This is the exciting part.

  1. Temporary Power

  2. Begin Excavation

    1. Dig hole for footings and foundation walls. Haul off extra dirt

    2. Run underground plumbing/electrical/gas line

  3. Pour Footings and Foundation walls

  4. Damp proofing/Waterproofing

  5. Window Wells

  6. Basement Flatwork

  7. Backfill

  8. Inspections throughout

  9. Framing

  10. Rough Plumbing/Electrical/HVAC

  11. Roofing

  12. 4-way Inspection

  13. Insulation

  14. Drywall

  15. Driveway/patio/Sidewalks

  16. Garage doors

  17. Soffit and Facia

  18. Siding/Stone

  19. Deck

  20. Foundation Plaster

  21. Final Grade

  22. Flooring

  23. Trim and Doors

  24. Paint

  25. Cabinets

  26. Electrical/plumbing/HVAC finish

  27. Mirrors/Shower doors

  28. Carpet

  29. Final Cleaning

  30. Final Inspection

  31. Walkthrough

Phew! We made it through.

Tip #3 - Post build

  1. Check out our Guarantees to see how we assure you are cared for even after we're done

  2. Write a 5-star review

  3. Move in

As you can see the building process has a multitude of steps, each crucial to achieving a final product that aligns with your vision. We trust that the comprehensive list provided here serves as a valuable guide throughout your home building journey, offering insights and clarity that enhance your decision-making and ensure a successful outcome.


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